Monday, October 21, 2013


It is true, time does not stop for anyone, for any reason. And yet time is just an illusion. Something that we have created in this physical existence, as part of the journey. But while we are physical, time controls. Sometimes we wish we could turn back the time. Sometimes we wish tomorrow would come faster, or next week. But while we are living in a physical body, experiencing this game that we have created for ourselves, we find that we must obey the rules of this existence. Spirit is boundless, limitless. If we can remember this, we can overcome the illusion, or at the least, deal with it in a more effective way. Don't let it control us. Use it to our best advantage, greatest growth, greatest good for all. I have said here many times that I have not wanted to track the passage of time. The months, and now the year that have passed since Chip has moved on to Spirit. But it seems as if my thoughts sometimes come back to that concept, and I am compelled to note my thoughts and observations and feelings on the subject.

It has now been one year. For every day, every experience. One of everything without Chip. What a sad way to conceptualize such an event. But it is what it is. And in my heart, one year ago, I never expected to come out of this. Never expected that I would be happy, truly happy. Live with joy and love again. And you have watched as I have struggled, worked through, and come out the other side of my grief. You have experienced my pain and my joy as I have shared them with you. My friends have walked this path beside me and reached out with a helping hand each time I have stumbled. And I have learned so many things during this year.

I think the main thing is that you will never be the same. And that is ok. I have grown. Chip is always here, by our side. I feel him still, though I feel also as if he is stepping aside more often, to allow me to become the new me that I am destined to be. He has allowed Ronnie to step in and become a prominent part of our lives. I hope Chip knows that I want him to always be by my side. He is always a part of me, of our existence. I so dearly want to explain our theories as to why this has all come about like it has, but right now that is too personal to share. Just suffice to say that all is as we have always intended it to be. Chip is our guide, shining the way.

I have much to do here.  The important thing to remember is to live life. To love. To be free and joyous and whole. To share. Now is my time to live. I deserve this. To sit back, go with the flow, be open and receive the blessings that the Universe has to share. I see the three of us on this journey, arms linked, walking the path to enlightenment, love and joy. We deserve this. It is our time.

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