Thursday, October 31, 2013


Seems like there are a lot of things in my life that are testing my patience. I really don't know. Really, I have the rest of my life. So why should I want things to get here so quickly? Maybe because I want the really good stuff that I know is coming, to come sooner. You know, the things you really look forward to and can't wait for. Some of those things include my bathrooms getting done. The contractor is having some problems with the mud drying on the drywall, and it seems as if we have been in limbo for a whole week. Well, we kind of have been. And then he is going to start on the other bath once this one is finished. This one, we are getting re-done pretty much exactly like it was, with the exception of vinyl instead of the tile that was in there. I am looking to simplify life, and cleaning grout is not on my list of favorite things. But the other bath, I think I will get some different colors and make it a little more fun. There are some other things too.....

Yes, I know this is a test. And I really have to calm down and be patient. Impatience does not get you anywhere. It only gets you into trouble. And I find that if I begin to get impatient, I can become a real bitch. Really. It is really hard to sit here and see the dust and dirt from the remodel, and the house in disarray. I am itching to have the house all clean and cozy. Everything in it's place and all my chores completed. But it will come. And life will get better.  Just calm down and go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

Life has been so enriching lately. I never believed that I would feel this way again, and I want more of it. And more campfires and fire water and love and contentment.

That book is knocking at my heart again. Maybe I should start working on it for real.

And now my mind is blank and tired. I think I will go to bed and read a little.

Love and hugs!

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