Thursday, January 9, 2014

My God, I Am Having A Midlife Crisis!

That's exactly what it is, at least that is what just came to me, like a giant slap across the face. I guess I shouldn't have expected to escape that one, huh? Sure, why not. Lost the love of my life. Opened my heart again. Stress, stress, stress. Well. The answer I am receiving in response to my cries for help is to be good to myself right now. Now is the moment that I must find myself, concentrate on me. Only then will I become whole. And now is the only time that I have. Waiting for a better time, for more money, etc., will not do. That time may never come. Live. It is time to live. Time to find my adventures and live them. Chip will be by my side. I hope you will too.


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