Friday, February 28, 2014

Six Months

Six months. Where have they gone? I must admit that I long for those first two months back again. The glorious late summer. The fire pit. The shooting stars. Surveying the lot in the woods. Oh, the walk in the creek at Governor Bebb. Signs. Visions. Dreams. A lot of energy put into those six months. Some of that time my heart soared higher than I ever felt possible again. Lessons, lessons. I hope that I have learned. So many things to remember. So many times I felt Chip's guidance. So many times I have prayed for more signs. Walking in a dream state. I want to wake up and feel alive again. I have been denying a part of myself lately. Been unauthentic. I am powerful beyond belief. Immortal, unstoppable. Yet I feel so small and vulnerable. My ego has tried to take over and eliminate the peace that I have tried so hard to fill myself with. And I have been battling with ego to try to overcome my fears. Remove the baggage. I am ready to step back into my power and move forward to the destiny that awaits me. I really hope that the signs are true and that certain companions will remain a part of that destiny.

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