Sunday, December 23, 2012


Well, I just got in from moving hay around and am quite proud of myself. The girls are very content in the new pasture, there is plenty of grass for them, and three bales of hay when they decide they want it. Mike, Prudy and I got a few bales moved by hand ( UGH ) and got a protein tub rolled into the barn. Tomorrow, on Christmas Eve, I will treat them with some buckets of sweet feed. That was always our tradition, so I am going to keep it going. We had a baby on the 21st, and it looks like a few more on the way soon, so I want the girls to get used to coming into the barn again so we can keep a close eye on the mamas.

Another new baby!! He is wild colored.......

This new guy is Raleigh. Get this, his daddy is solid black, his mommy is solid black, and he is red with crazy white markings all over! Go figure, but it sure is great to have new life on Guinea Run Farm.

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