Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mourning Dove

Early morn, I am sitting on the patio watching the sun rise on my last day here. I hear her call. She has been calling every day now since I have entered this beautiful place. The dove, singing her mournful, yet enchanting song. Today I heard him, calling back to her, answering, "Here!  Here I am, my love."

She stops for a moment to listen, then her calls come faster, excited, uplifted. I imagine what she is telling him.  "Oh, how I've waited for you. Where have you been, what adventures have you had while we were searching for one another?"

"Time, love, a lifetime to share. For now let me wrap my wings around you and melt into the comfort of your warmth. I've been searching so long."

So I find myself alone on this balcony,  blissfully peaceful,  the sun risen, the air becoming hot and steamy, the ocean sparkling beneath the azure sky, reflecting.

And then, a gift.

They fly past. On the palm below me, they light and sit, side by side, nuzzling and preening one another.
A smile brightens my face as I could swear I see him fold his wing around her and draw her closer.

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  1. Why did you stop writing? Your writing really helped