Monday, December 16, 2013


Most of my dreams zoom right out of my head the minute I awaken. There are only a few I remember and those are very special. Connections. I long for more. They will come to me when they are ready, or probably, when I am ready.

Then there are the other dreams. The imaginings. Dreams of a happy life. Fulfilled. Some of my dreams are fairly simplistic. A beautiful Spring evening under the stars, hand in hand with my love. Others require a bit more thought and action to achieve. Do I want to become a writer? Why, yes, I do. Do I want to have a wonderful home, set up with everything I need to be comfortable? Of course. Do I want the second love of my life to walk by my side? Absolutely!

Time to take some action and acknowledge these dreams. Work towards fulfilling the goals that will help them come true. Life is short. Before, we used to put things off until "next year", or the one after that, thinking that by then we would be better equipped to accomplish those dreams. Well, those years got erased. The dreams never realized. Now it has become apparent that part of the dream is in the living and working toward it. And then it will come true. So the time has come to live. Not next year, or the next. But now. Go forth boldly. This new year, I plan to do exactly that. I am not sure which dreams I will choose. I am not yet sure what all that will entail, but I will walk in faith, and enjoy the journey.

Come walk with me.

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