Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fear, Then Heal

Ok. Why am I so afraid today? Terrified. I understand.  I am processing some old hurts, purging the pain, learning from mistakes (my own and others), and healing. It is midnight. I spent an entire day in a panic over something that does not exist. Yet I allowed it to appear real to me. The demons clawed through my shield and set up residence in my mind, wreaking havoc, invoking insecurity. Maybe. But maybe it is a gift from the Universe, a learning experience, an opportunity to heal this wounded aspect of my soul. Ah, Grasshopper,  well done. You have recognized the fact that you are processing old hurts. Purging them once and for all from your heart. That must be why this came from out of the blue. Everything is well for me, so I have no reason to fear, so the fear came forward of its own volition,  in order to facilitate my processing,  purging, and healing. IT CAME TO ME because the time was right to experience this healing and the resultant peace that I have so longed for. Thank you,  thank you, thank you. I am grateful. Now I can finally begin to move forward in faith. I forgive (you) and myself. I am ready to let go of the pain, and everything it represents. I accept the lesson in this experience. I pray that I have learned all I need to from this, and that now I can have that which I most desire. LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS. And give the same back with all my heart and soul. I love you.

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