Monday, August 4, 2014

Thank You For That Conversation, E

Last night I had a conversation with a friend. And in that conversation, many important things were brought up, insights, advice, support, realizations. Nancy and I laughed and she reminded me not to work so hard. Not to look so hard. Relax. Things will come to me in the right time. When I am not looking, that is when they will come. Where have I heard this before??   And then with E. And he pointed out a few things that I had not thought of. Very sage advice, my friend. And you, E. Your Opus is arriving. Victory is on its way. And we shall write your book, your story too.

Yes, Cin. Remember what he said about Roman Candles. Burning bright and hot. Burning out way too quickly. Slow burn. Smoldering. Never being extinguished. That is truth. That is the fire I seek. Now to practice your advice with Nancy's and wait for the fireworks!!

To Infinity And Beyond!!

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