Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Bet your bottom dollar.

This was a good week. Monday night, dinner with the cousins. Marianne in from Hawaii. Pizza from NYPD. Tuesday night, Dinner with Bonnie and Dave (and Chip)  and back to the house for birthday cake. Thursday, Kings Island. Watching Pru's face after riding the Bat- priceless. Friday, dinner with the cousins again. Saturday, birthday party for Reagan. Missed the horse drawn princess carriage though since I had to get back home. Sunday, breakfast with a friend, then a trip downtown to visit a movie set. Awesome!!  Then a great chat with Nancy, Steve, Eric and Sherry, while searching with my metal detector for buried electric lines.

Now I wonder what this coming week will bring. Will I have stuff to do? I need to go put in my resume to become a production assistant on the movie set. Kings Island? Lunch with EGB on Friday. Tuesday is a concert at the community center. And Friday night is the Remains concert at Blue Ash. Lets see how that goes, as that will be a bittersweet night. And  I was hoping that I would have my new friend to go to that one with. I wish you well, my friend. You gave me some things to ponder, some insight, some inspiration. I hope that I gave that to you as well. Keep your head up. No Fear.

So many lessons. Some are harsh, some are pleasantly surprising. I love surprises, the good kind. Please, no more bad ones. But each day is a new day, with new experiences, new lessons. The sun comes up, the world keeps spinning. It is what we do with those lessons that matters. I am determined to graduate from this class. Time to move on. I will learn.  I will write. I will teach. I will heal. And right now Gone Gone Gone is playing. That song pulls at my heart. Do you feel it? Do you feel my heart calling out? Just as I felt the pull of his heart this time last year, I can feel the pull again. Who are you? Where are you? What adventures will we share? I pledge to be cautious, to use the wisdom I have gained this past year to its greatest advantage, for the greatest good. I feel the energy right this minute. It is positive, high. That anticipatory feeling of good things coming. Oh, my, yes. The best is yet to be.


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