Sunday, September 1, 2013

A New Way Of Thinking

This is the beginning of my next step on this wonderful journey. Those of you who have been following me along this path, have come to know me, and my deepest feelings. The ups and downs and joys that I have experienced. One of the greatest challenges after the physical death of a loved one, a soul mate, is in becoming open to new relationships. You have experienced my grief and pain, and the struggles I have encountered, the questions I have posited as I try to understand what the next step will entail. I have always known that Chip and the Universe were sending me a companion to walk beside. I had no idea when or where, and was both impatient and hesitant. How could I possibly open my heart to someone else. Chip is my beloved, my soul mate. I felt the pull of my new companions heart. He was close. Who? Then, with the advice of some very beloved friends, I understood that I must just relax, allow, and release to the universe, and trust in my inner guide. Remember the job??  Well, as soon as I began to follow the guidance of my higher self, along he came. And my heart has told me that it is ok. And so has Chip. He is here with us and he is assuring me that all is well.

It feels as if Ronnie and I have known one another all of our lives. There is a connection. The only other person in this world that I have felt like this with is Chip. One thing to make quite clear, I feel at complete peace. Now I know what my inner guide has been telling me. Previously, I had been confused and unsure, not trusting my gut. Not having a frame of reference was making it difficult for me to come to a clear decision as to what I was truly experiencing. No longer. All has been revealed to me. As I struggle to find the words deserving of this post, I find it difficult. I am trying to let you know that this is a huge, terrifying step for those who have "lost" their beloved soul mates. No one will ever take the place of the one you have loved so dearly. But I now know and understand that there is always room for love. Each person that enters our heart, our soul space, has their own place. Each is here for a reason. Our loved ones want us to be happy and fulfilled. It is all about love over there.

It feels like this is a good place to put this post to bed for now. My mind is tired, in a good, satisfying way. I have not felt such clarity in a long time. My beloved friends, I have reached a new chapter, one that includes both Chip and my new companion, Ronnie. As always, I hope that you will follow us as we make our journey together, on this incredible adventure called life.


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