Monday, August 26, 2013

A Quick Post Before A Good Night

Tonight I feel incredibly grounded and at peace. Chip is by my side and I had a wonderful, encouraging, comforting conversation. And David, my dear David has come to my rescue yet again.
He showed up with my tire all repaired and put it on the tractor for me. You know, he has been looking out for me lately, and I really like it. He is all concerned about getting the garage all cleaned out so that I can get the Mustang in there for the winter and won't have to worry about scraping ice and snow. Hmmmmm. Who else used to worry about that? He knows how hard it was for me Saturday and I know he understands. Do you know how good it feels to know someone cares about you?

And the conversation tonight gave me some great insight. I think I feel better and better about the whole situation. I hadn't looked at things that way, and it makes a lot of sense. And it also makes me look forward to the future with open arms and open heart. I am being directed to close this post and go relax. I believe some insight is forthcoming and I should go and prepare to receive.

Sending light and positive energy to all. All of your dearest dreams for the greatest good will come true and we shall all rejoice together in our victory.

Love and Light !

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