Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Say Something I'm Giving Up On You

This is true. More true than the greatest truth I know. Too much water has flowed under this bridge, and washed away the beauty of our love. The memories will always be here. Those wonderful, wonderful times that our two souls became one. My twin flame. That makes so much sense to me. The pull of your heart, the crazy insane love we felt. How you made me feel alive again. That was your purpose, among others. I thank you. I honor you. I love you. I release you. Our contract is completed. In retrospect, I should have known. But had I known, would I have followed through to the end? Would I have allowed myself to experience this lesson, knowing the pain it would create? My soul told me I needed to continue, in order for this to be complete, to come full circle. That explains it all. Why I opened up so much so quickly and then hung on for dear life even though I was feeling the end. Why I did not walk away. This was one hell of a lesson. And I am now confident that we have followed it through to completion.  Now we are free. I thank you for the lesson, and also for the incredible love and fun that we did have in the beginning. I pray that I have helped you on your journey, that your heart truly did sing for us.  I shall never forget you. Perhaps our paths shall cross again in this lifetime. If not, certainly on the other side.  I wish you love. You will always have mine. To Infinity And Beyond.

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