Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Second Chance Ranch

This is just a quickie post, because what I really wanted to talk about tonight is too raw and important, and will take much thought to put into the right words. But happily:

I have adopted a new member of Guinea Run Farm. You would think I would have pictures, but I have been so busy and haven't taken my phone to the barn with me. When we went to Whitewater to camp two weekends ago, I went to the riding stables and was "nudged" to ask the owner if he had any horses for sale. He started telling me about a small horse he had and I immediately said that it was too small ( I love my big horses). But the nudge told me to follow it so I asked to see the guy. He was just a little bitty guy and I could tell he was not happy and was getting picked on and beat up. Ohhhh. So I told him to tack the horse up and I rode him. What joy!! He's a tenacious little guy. We trotted all over the place and finally I got him to canter in the small round ring they put us in. He even went up and down the see saw. So yeah, I bought him. And they followed us home to deliver him, and when he came out of the trailer, I rode him with just his halter and a lead rope and he was amazing! So welcome home, Tonka. His name was Duke, but it did not suit him. I felt like a new name was appropriate to go along with his new life. He seems to like Tonka.

Tonka took right to the other horses, and they took to him too. In fact, they seem to be fast friends. Ringer got very sick Sunday night and I was afraid we were going to lose her. She got a very high fever and was soaking wet, got very weak and shaky. We had to move her into the open part of the barn so if she did die, I would be able to get her out with the tractor. As soon as we got her moved, she dropped and I really thought she was gone. She lay there panting and sweating and shaking, then calmed down as her fever broke.  She was so worried about where the others were that we decided to bring them in to say goodbye. After they came in and sniffed her and we put them back in the pasture, Ringer just jumped back up and started trying to get to them. Crazy girl. At 31, she is ancient, so every day is a blessing. Also during this I learned something. Prudy was by my side. This is a very hard thing to do, watch a dear friend and family member suffer and prepare to transition. Yet we did it together. Yet again. And Rose called and offered her help as well. Just to sit with me in the barn in the darkness, so I would not be alone. Who did not? You know who. Just another reason. If you truly love and care about someone, you would be there for them during something like this. Thank you for one more reason. No Soup ( second chance )  For You!!!

So here we are. In a weeks time, two horses got a second chance at a happy life here. I pledge to give them the best I can, the way nature intended.

Also, the hay is done. It was really easy this time because Georgia's boys are right down the street and they just came down in their own equipment and got it all done. Woo hoo. And the remaining cows are in the barn to go to the auction in Brookville tomorrow. Ahhhhh. I am purging some dead weight and some negativity from my life. It is time to finally come back to where I belong. And allow the Universe to send me the right people and circumstances to make my life the best it has ever been.

Yes, even I get a second chance. 

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