Tuesday, July 15, 2014

21 Months

Twenty one months today. Wow. So many experiences since then. So many lessons learned. How on earth have I made it this far? It seems like just yesterday, yet it feels like forever ago as well. My love. And I have felt you so close these past few days. I need to raise my vibration again so that I am closer and more receptive. I don't really have a lot to say here, just needed to note that it was an important day and that I love and honor you. It is cool and breezy and sunny out today, very unlike mid July normally. The birds are singing in the back yard and everything feels peaceful and loving. I am coming back. I was lost for too long, searching for a dream that was not to come true. But now I feel awake and alive again. I have added to my toolbox a few new things. Lessons learned.

The inspiration to teach and write is coming back full force. I feel myself giving presentations on how to heal our grief and connect with the other side. I think it is time to start outlining my book and fleshing it out. Getting ideas together and making sense of them. I needed this. The lessons were hard and painful, but the rewards are going to be magnificent. Come on rewards!!! 

I love you with all my heart, my love. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Your love and support. I know you have been beside me every step of the way on my path, even when I took what I perceived at the time to be a wrong turn. I now know that it was not a wrong turn, but was a necessary detour, no not even that, it WAS part of the true path. And in looking at it that way, I find peace and contentment. Yes, all is well now. My love my love my love.  Always.

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