Tuesday, July 22, 2014

To New Friends

Well, I made a new friend tonight. This post is dedicated to you, you know who you are. Thank you for the great conversation tonight and the great company. I would really love to know more about your journey. There are demons to conquer, Banshees to ride.

Each and every person we come into contact with will somehow, in some way, touch our lives. It may be as seemingly insignificant as the smile and nod given to a person who is feeling low and is then inspired to smile back and be encouraged that things are looking up, or it may be much much larger than one could ever imagine. The point is, we all are connected. We all have something to give. And that's what it is all about, people. Ha ha ha. Don't Stop Believing just came on. Sometimes we may never know the great impact we have had on someone, it really isn't about recognition, but rather about doing good, making a difference, being a messenger of hope and inspiration in this vast Universe. Oh yes, it appears to be a huge universe, but appearances can be quite deceiving. All illusions. The only disconnect comes from within our own wounded souls. And once we can realize that, the healing begins. The ripple effect. Your kindness to another will cause waves that continue outward, touching others as they go. It is not about who has what. How much money you make. What kind of car you drive, clothes you wear, house you live in. It is about what is inside your heart and soul. We can do so much.

I went way outside my comfort zone tonight, and I feel invigorated. Remember, Cin, life is too short. Get up and dance if you want to. If they laugh at you, then you gave them something to laugh and be happy about. Metaphorically, I got up and danced.   Remember, one of the things on your life list is to be dynamic. Crazy, maybe not so much, but dynamic sounds fairly distinguished, doesn't it? Bring smiles to faces. Strangers who really aren't since we are all connected. We should have got up and danced with the little boy in the diapers. That is what life is all about. He was showing us what it is like to live, to feel pure joy at being alive. He has not yet experienced this illusion called life. Not yet been conditioned to be fearful and cautious, to hold back. Oh, sweet little one. My prayer for you is that you never let the world taint your joy.

Wow, I am feeling a metaphysical theme coming up. I want to talk about time, not being linear. Past, present, future, and all that jazz. Signs and symbols and illusions and connections. Nah, another time. It's pretty late. But oh what a fun night tonight. I am not that same little girl that used to sit alone and contemplate life. Now I am out there living it. There are so many adventures out there.  And yes, we cannot save every person we set out to help. We are all on a journey. We touch up against each other and help one another and yes, sometimes hurt one another. All lessons. All a part of our evolution here in this physical existence. I thank each and every one of you who have touched my life, past, present and future.

And to you, thank you for bringing some music into my life tonight.


  1. Thank you for entering my life. I truly admirer my new friend.