Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Look into the mirror. Look at yourself. Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose, your mission in this lifetime? Part of our journey is to find ourselves and discover our true purpose and then to work it for all its worth. Sadly, sometimes pain is involved, the catalyst to push us out of the comfort of the "normal" and into our true grace. Look at how many times along our paths we have taken a detour. That is all ok. We will always find our way back home, for home is the only place to be. It doesn't matter how high we have to climb, or how far we have to travel, the path will always lead to that place where we belong. And the more we learn along the way, the better for our growth. Better yet, the more we teach along the way, the better for our growth, and that of those who walk with us.

I have been blessed. I look at my reflection now as opposed to that of a year ago. A year of ups and downs, of lessons learned, hard won, some painful, some overwhelmingly joyful. There is more grey in my hair. A few more wrinkles around my eyes. But those are smile lines. Proof that joy does exist. Each scar that I bear is proof of my strength and ability to heal. And look at your scars. Look at how far you have come. You, too, have overcome hurdles, survived many storms. Felt incomparable joy. Grown in so many ways, some as yet undiscovered. What a beautiful adventure we are having. Everything that I have encountered in my life has brought me to where and who I am today.   That much closer to discovering the truth of what it is I am here to accomplish. What good I can do for mankind. How I may be of service to this universe, ourselves, our God.

Tonight I feel a bit closer to my purpose. The words are flowing again. My book, my dears, is now calling to me. Oh, and I feel the approval of the universe on this. It is as if someone is standing beside me, hand on my shoulder as I type these words. I have felt this before. It is acknowledgement that I am on the right path once again. For a while I had stepped aside, tried to work at something that was not in alignment with my true path. My intentions were good. But alas, I had gone astray. No no no. Wait a minute. I cannot think that way, for everything that happens to us has its purpose. And as I noted in a previous post, I was meant to step aside for a while in order to learn some valuable lessons about myself. I got the clear message " Remember who you are". And looking in that mirror now, I see the reflection of myself. Of a soul on a path to not only its own awakening, but to assist in the healing and awakening of others as well.  These hazel eyes of mine are shining, reflecting the light that emanates from within. Yup, there are people out there that need us. Let us go and discover and hold their hand. They are waiting.

Look into your mirror. Look into your eyes. What do you see?

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