Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dancing Naked Beneath The Stars

7/7/14 Still can't do this one, even after more than a week has passed. Not yet. One day I will be able to. It was such a beautiful night. Our two stars next to one another in the night sky. It was almost as it should always have been, as it should always be. To infinity and beyond. A wonderful way to honor what was. In the beginning. We should have danced this dance many times before and many times yet to come. How I wish the original love and emotions were still there. It is as if the Universe wept for us that night. I did the best I could. I believed in you and your words of love and support and forever. Another lifetime perhaps.

7/15/14 Decided to go ahead and post this. It was a beautiful night. We connected. It was dark and wonderful and starry and cool and we ran and danced around the back yard and had a wonderful time. The words above say enough.

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