Thursday, July 24, 2014

Keep Your Head Up

It's getting late and I am a little tired tonight. Just got back from a great walk around the community center with a friend. Actually, I have been running all day, from lunch with the J.U.L.I.E.T.S. and then out with Kelly for a manicure ( my first and her treat!!) and then for the nice long walk. It certainly is a wonderful night. The air is crisp and cool, the sky is clear and the stars are bright. Annie and I went for a quick spin in the back yard and for some reason, my hands don't want to type. I am going to take that as a sign and make this a quick post, jump in the shower and into bed.

We all have our trials. We all have our pain. Sometimes it seems as if it is completely unbearable. I know. How many days have I felt as if I could not take one more step. Looking to the future only held fear of the unknown and a feeling of hopelessness. And yet we plod along. We persevere. It certainly is not easy sometimes, and it is so difficult to see the blessings coming our way, when we are so enshrouded in the fog of indecision and fear. But my counsel to you, my friends, is : Keep your head up. Always look upward and forward. To the stars. To infinity and beyond. For sometimes, at the darkest moment, the clouds part and the sun begins to shine through. And perhaps then, even better: the rainbow appears. Look up. It is there, just waiting for you to discover it. And no matter how many clouds obscure the beauty, eventually they will part and the magnificent color will arc across the sky, in all its glory.

Thank you to the beautiful souls who joined us on our walk tonight. I honor you and send you love for gracing us with your presence. Again, as I have removed the stress and discord from my life, I am feeling more connected. I am ready. Show me the way. We have much to do here.

My friend. We are both at a crossroads. Yet at this moment I feel strangely calm, patient even. My message tonight was that all is well. There is no hurry. Enjoy the journey. We are supported from both sides, there is no need to fear. And you will receive your message as well. We simply need to be open to the signs, the answers will follow. Be at peace.

And always, keep looking up.

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