Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Day Of Beauty And Reflection On Guinea Run Farm

Walking through the field, surveying all the beauty that lay before me, I feel you next to me, always by my side. The sun shines brightly and the wind blows waves of wonder across the field. As I (we) walk, a rabbit scampers from the tall grass directly in front of me, stirring birds from their perch on the rose bush by the old stone house. It stands there, tall and proud, yet tired. The stones are falling from it, gathering themselves in a pile on the front porch. It amazes me that this house has stood for 200 years. How many stories it must have. Look at all the history that has passed here. How much love has been shared here on this place in those years. I will gather these stones. I will use them to make a fence and walkway by our home. They will have a place of honor, where they will be seen and appreciated, and they will live on, just as the love and memories that they hold will continue.

I walk on by the barn, stop to fork some hay into the feeder in case the cows decide to stop by. That reminds me of Martha. A week ago today. She was such an incredibly intelligent cow. Yes, my favorite, and she knew it, too. She went into the barn to have her calf. Could have had it anywhere on the place, but went all the way down to the barn. Had that calf and cleaned him up nice and dry before she passed. And she waited until I found her before she let go. She knew her calf was safe and we would take care of him. One Fine Cow. Green Pastures, dear girl.

Back at the house the cows are in the back yard, resting, chewing cud. Buck is laying flat out, napping in the sunshine. Ringer is standing and snoozing, she nickers as I walk by. Around 8 young deer go bounding across the yard. Annie is waiting at the back door. She has the curtain pulled aside so she can peek out at us. Tail wagging. Peace abounds on Guinea Run Farm. God has truly blessed us.

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