Saturday, February 9, 2013


I posted this on Facebook a few days ago at the request of my friend and teacher, but want to post it here as well. This was pure stream of consciousness writing - I sat and wrote the words that came to me. I did not question them or try to make sense as I wrote.

I Am and the goodness that dwells within me exists in all beings- we are all truly one. When another is struggling, and is unkind, I shall not make it personal, but send them thoughts of love and allow them to move on. As I uncover my true self, I will begin to realize more of my life's path and as I work toward this, I will begin to uncover more of my true self.  I have noticed that I am happier, more content, grounded, and relaxed and that things go my way more often when I am in this state of happiness, contentment and gratitude. As I write this I almost feel as if I am getting a little nod of approval from the Universe. As I become more aware of my personal path and truth, I believe I will increase my energy/spirit vibration and attract to me those things and situations I need to grow even further. And more good experiences will come to me.

I am trying to overcome my false beliefs and self doubt and heal the broken aspects of my soul. I have come here with the agreement that I will challenge myself and grow from my experiences. Of course, as soon as I incarnated into a physical entity, I promptly forgot my plans so that I , as a human BEing, could begin the process of learning. All experiences are lessons. Now I feel as if I am awakening. My soul, who has patiently ( or not so ) lain dormant for so long, allowing me to stumble through the illusion I have created, is now rejoicing that I am becoming aware of my path and embarking on my journey to wisdom and understanding and growth. Now that I am awakening and actively seeking my truth, I am hopeful that I will better understand and receive communications from the Universe and Spirit. And of course, most importantly, Chip.

I still remain at a loss as how to increase my understanding and abilities. **  I wrote this before I spoke with Brad, who gave me the sage advice " When we allow the Universe to guide us we get clear on the what we want and let go of the how. The Universe will have the wiser path. Be open to what will come - don't be attached to the outcome."  My soul feels lighter, more active. I feel more patient, loving and understanding. If I am able to quash my habitual self doubt, then I feel that the Universal truths ( and in turn my truths ) will flow more freely through my spirit.

My soul is speaking to me. Lovingly It says " My dear one, I am patient, and each step is an adventure, a learning process. There is no wasted time. Wisdom is yours - it has been with you all along. Live and love, laugh and learn. All will come in it's time."

The Universe is truly wise.
May we all find our truth.

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