Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Incredible Night

Well, started off the evening kind of tired. It is a cold and very rainy night here and just kind of dreary. Then I joined in on Brad's Inner Guide Empowerment Radio show and was drawn into the warmest, most loving group of people I have ever met. Brad invited me to share my journey and feelings about Chip and, well, really I was just so overcome with emotion that I could barely talk. And then everyone just flooded me with love and encouragement. As I write this I am struggling to find the words to accurately convey my deepest gratitude to everyone for their love and support. And while I  felt their loving energy directed my way and enveloping me in a warm cocoon of love, I also felt Chip's loving energy as well. He is right beside me, radiating love.  I am going to listen to the show again tomorrow, to pick up on the things that I missed while off blowing my nose :)

My hope is that through my pain and through my experiences, I will be able to bring peace and healing to others. You know, I can go through my day at work and interacting with others and function on a fairly healthy level, and a lot of people I work with have made the comment that I am one of the strongest people they know. And I wonder, " what do they mean? I feel like I am going to fall apart into a million pieces." It is in my private moments that I allow the grief and pain to surface, on occasion. And here in this venue, and also tonight on the show, I can release and share. Again, I hope that someone may some day find solace in my words and experiences.

I do notice that the more I open up and allow, the more wonderous and amazing experiences I am having. The insight flows through me, and I feel more receptive to the messages I receive. This is incredibly exciting to me because I realize that I am growing and evolving. The more motivated and excited I am , the more successful I am. But more about that in another post.

Raven reaffirmed the point that we go on forever, that our physical bodies may die, but our souls go on. And absolutely, Chip and I are true soul mates. We have been here together before, and will be together again. And we are still together now.  And knowing that is such a comfort to me. The veil is very thin. They are not separated from us at all, except by our own limited beliefs. We need to open our hearts and allow, and believe. They reach out to us in love, they make contact. All our lives we have been conditioned to disregard our soul calling, and it is time to take back our birthright, to allow the universal spirit to flow through us. We are all one, we are all connected. This has never been so apparent to me as just now, tonight. I thank you all, my friends, for sharing this journey with me, for the love, encouragement and kindness you offer.

                                                     Love and Light to you all!

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