Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Friends

Went to the movies with Beth today. Boy was it fun. I don't usually do things like that, and it is so nice to have a girlfriend to hang out with. Beth is teaching me how to be a friend. What I mean is, she is so unselfish and loving, always concerned for her fellow man. She gives of her heart.  I have shied away from friendships because people I have trusted and cared about have used me and let me down. And I must admit that I am guilty of letting down as well on occasion. I apologize to those I have left behind due to their negativity and toxic actions.  I am pledging right now to be a better friend, to love unconditionally. I truly pray for Beth that she is always surrounded by love, light and happiness, and blessed with many true friends.

Here is a picture of Buck that I took yesterday. The day before was a sleet storm and really yucky, so he is covered in mud. ( They have 24/7 access to the barn for shelter and hay but seem to choose to stand out in the rain anyway ) Notice how he is coming to me?  I am going to ride this guy this year. There is a connection there. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him and Chip told me I had to get him. I think we need one another. We each have something to teach the other. I think that one of those lessons is Trust. He needs to trust that I will not hurt him, that I will protect him and not allow any harm to come to him. I need to trust, well, pretty much the same. One of my dreams is that we will learn dressage together. He really is one handsome dude. And I know he has a good heart. I need to put the things Chip taught me about training to use. You know, Chip was a professional horse trainer at one time. I know he will be by my side, coaching us and cheering us on.

So here's to new friends,  you know who you are ;)    and may we all have many many joyous moments and become great old friends.


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