Monday, February 11, 2013

A Wee Bit Distracted

Seems like I have been a little distracted all day today. First, a stressful day at work. Nothing big, just those little annoyances that creep up and bite you.  And I have been determined not to get the cold/flu/strep throat that everyone around me is getting. It is, after all, mind over matter. I AM strong and fit and healthy.

I touched on this before, but lately it seems as if I have thoughts and feelings, and then shortly thereafter, I will read about those exact things, or someone will bring that subject/issue up in conversation. I feel as if it is a connection with Universal energy. Perhaps I am getting a preview of sorts. Most recently was tonight when Brad touched upon several subjects in our conversation that I had written about just this afternoon at lunch. Maybe he was connecting to my thought energy.

Yeah, it is difficult and frightening, even, to bare your soul in a public forum. It is one thing when you have anonymity, and quite another when people you care for and respect are reading your words. But part of the journey is to be true to myself. Part of this is that I am seeking to discover my purpose here, and why things happen the way they do. The events of my life were orchestrated to teach and heal me, I just need to understand the lesson and learn it. I feel like an aspiring Jedi knight. Oh, Yoda, what is the secret of life?

Over these last several weeks, and through the exercises I have been doing, I feel a strengthening. Things seem more relaxed, less urgent. Calm. As if I am going with the flow and just allowing.
Rather than try to be in control, to push or force things, I am requesting that the Universe send to me the things that It has determined I need in this moment. God is wise, ask and ye shall receive.
In doing so, I am feeling that groundedness, peace and calm. I notice that things are flowing more easily, like a stream, winding it's way around the rocks and creek banks. I feel a communion with Spirit. Things are coming more easily.

I sense that my abilities are increasing and feel that there is a great possibility that I will become more and more able to connect and be more attuned with Spirit. I am trusting. And that is one of my lessons, I am sure of it. I have always had a difficult time trusting. Always, always second guess myself. Now I am realizing that I've got this. I am worthy, I am smart. I can do this. I am believing. I do know that in doing these exercises, I am instilling a sense of truth and power in my being. I am giving myself permission to open up and receive the blessings that God is offering. They are right there for all of us to share.

Though I have slowed down and asked the Universe for guidance , I am still very eager to learn and grow. Patience is also a lesson that I am working on. I am learning that I am capable and I am worthy of the gifts that God has bestowed upon me. I AM an awesome, powerful being.

And just look at the awesome, beautiful beings I am blessed to be caretaker of ( ok so Prudy is the one who is feeding them and they are in her garage, but you know what I mean. )

Love to all!

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