Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tough Days

Actually I thought I was doing ok. Here I am, on this journey to find myself and my place in the Universe, and I was actually having these great flashes of insight and wisdom coming to me, and then all of a sudden, I feel really stressed. There are several very good explanations for this and I am going to try to work through them on my own before asking for help.
1. the weather outside is frightful. No sun, lots of rain and sleet and mud and yuck.
2. the job is stressful. Not fulfilling, not good for my soul.
3. I am grieving the loss of my soul mate and the love of my life.
4. I am just really tired and fighting something - trying not to get sick
5. mice. The little jerks took over my kitchen drawers and I have been cleaning like crazy, but until I am sure that I got them all and my kitchen is spic and span again, I am creeped out a little.

Yeah, I had a week like this a month or two back and I was able to work through it and rise above. And all was well again. In fact, it was even better than ever. I am learning to power through . I will come out the other side stronger. It feels as if I have become "un grounded" and maybe I just need to get centered and grounded again and that will help. After all, there are lots of great and wonderful things to look at :
1. Spring is coming
2. I am being really good to myself and trying to keep recharging my batteries ( thanks Brad )
3. I AM learning and growing.
4. the mice WILL go away and I will have my kitchen back ( and nice and clean at that )
5. This is an adventure and a journey and I am going to honor Spirit and the Universe

Prudy had a dream about Chip and wondered if it was just a dream or a visitation. He was on the phone and told her many things, but the 2 things I want to share here for my memory's sake are :

He told her that Annie sees him all the time. ( this is what clinched it for me that it was truly him and not just a random dream. Yesterday I was talking to Annie and Chip and I asked Annie if she saw "Daddy". )

He told her that he is always with us but that I need him more right now.

Also a realization:  I keep wanting signs, but if he were to give me signs every day, then they would become routine, and not be surprises. Just like the flowers he used to bring me randomly, the surprises are way more,well, surprising and special.

So I am working on this. Mostly I am eager to learn everything I can, and to grow and evolve into the awesome, powerful, spiritual being that I am. There is much to learn, but I am strong, and I am determined to succeed.


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