Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Long Walk Into Remembering And Dreams

Took a long walk today. I felt that there were some who walked with me. I know you were there, as well as some other old friends, perhaps? How many memories jumped out at me, as if reaching out in a game of tag? How many emotions flooded my being, as I pondered the past, present and future? All around us, things have changed, are changing. Trees come down in the windy storms of the summer. New paths made by forest creatures, big and small. The lovey log all but sawdust now. And in those changes, new opportunities. New friends. New lessons. Oh, how I want to join you, back home again. A time to rejoice, to rest. To rest in your arms once again. Or at least, in the loving energy of us. But there is  more for me here yet. Thing is, what? Love. Well, of course. That's what this is all about. And helping. Yes. Helping others. All these things are calling out to me again, stronger than ever. Again, I feel the pull of the Universe, guiding me along this path. At this very moment, I feel a little lost. At a crossroads. Not in a scared kind of way. But in a neutral way. Which way shall I go? I need a push, a little help, please. A little insight. Hold my hand? I want to choose the path toward the greatest good. And I am hoping that this path will also include my second soul mate, come to walk beside me. To work with me. We have much to do. The three of us, actually. You from the other side of things and us from here. I promise not to sway from my path, even when we find each other. We will strengthen one another. He, who will give me the strength and inspiration to see the bright future ahead of us and inspire me to move forward in my calling to help others. I, who will love and support him and show him what true partners are. He is out there. I am here, waiting.

Walking, I remembered the events of almost exactly a year ago. Staking out the flat spot in the pasture, to see if it would work for a building lot. Oh, the meteor shower and the fireball and the fire pit and fire water. All things I mention from time to time, as they are memories that I shall forever cherish. The few cattle that are left, laying in the woods, beneath the canopy. I remember when that whole area was packed with cows and calves. The quiet calm of them, chewing their cud. I remember just a month ago. How happy I was! The Blue Ash concert that I had so looked forward to. And a wonderful, unforgettable night it was. Dreaming of many more nights like that. So many things have happened in the last two months. I know that I already mentioned that in a recent post, but my fingers want to type these memories out here too.

I know that all the things I desire will come to me in the perfect time. When it is right. When we will most enjoy and appreciate them. This illusion that I have created for myself is making me weary. It is time to create a new one. One where the lessons are now all learned and the path is straight and light. Where love abounds. Joyous. Fun. Happy. Where my book is in full swing. Inspiration through the roof. My skills and abilities are flowing strong and people are benefitting from my work. And of course, him. My second soul mate. He and I, living in complete love and security. One. Always.

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