Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Aha! Got It.

Been thinking about this one lately. Actually had this down to post last week, but haven't taken the time to really think into it. Now it is ready to be said. Another cryptic one, meant just for me as a reminder.

Remember, remember. Intuition is our friend. It is our security system. How many times have you gotten that feeling that something just wasn't quite right? Did you heed that warning? Did you ignore it? What were the results? And did you even realize what was going on?

Right now mine is confusing me. On one hand it is telling me "NOT-RIGHT", but also my inner guide is whispering ( or my soul is telling me) that it shall be so. Is that part just wishful thinking? Because I think it is what I really want? Therein lies the confusion. I go back and forth between not wanting to do it, for all those reasons, and really wanting it because it is speaking to my soul, loudly.  Either way, the best is yet to be, whether it goes the way I have wished for, or in another direction. So, again, the thing to do is have patience and faith. I am wondering if the "NOT-RIGHT" warning is saying "not right now", but perhaps will be a large neon sign flashing "OK-RIGHT" in the future. So my reticence at this moment could be true for the time. And in time, things could be the right time for this dream. When all the details fall into place and everything is ready, everyone is ready, the Universe will conspire to make this come true, and it will be the most wonderful and awesome thing to ever happen to us.

Yes, this idea feels most comfortable to me. It explains why I have both the attraction and the repulsion to this situation. Why my intuition continues to remind me of the notrightness of it, and my soul continues to offer me hope and inspiration about it. The situation was introduced to me, to get me thinking in that direction, readying myself for the wonderful adventure yet to come, testing me with lessons needing learned before the time actually is right for this. And it is important that I remember that I must not push, or be impatient. I must allow. The Universe has my back. If I am correct in my hypothesis, then all the pieces of this puzzle will come together and fit perfectly and the resulting picture will be absolutely beautiful. All the chapters of the book will come together to form the perfect story, joyful throughout, with the happiest of endings.

I trust that, whatever, whoever, whenever, the most wonderful, exciting, loving part of my life is beginning. Thanks and gratitude to the universe and God!

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