Thursday, September 18, 2014

Magical Anticipation

Blue sky, hawk circling overhead. The last of the summer's crickets and locusts singing songs of love. Sunshine, casting shadows along the tree line, cool and lazy, restful. Wind, rustling the leaves of the Osage orange, heavily laden with fruit, bowing toward me as I pass 'neath its branches.

I sigh, contented and peaceful, yet restless as well. An enigma. How can one be so unburdened, relaxed and yet so full of yearning? The bees pass from flower to flower, gathering that last bit of pollen for their hives. The birds flit across the freshly mowed lawn, searching for lunch. My blue bird! I see you, A greeting from the Universe, my sign that , indeed, all is well. Thank you.

My heart is full of dreams and anticipation today. I have convinced myself that something wonderful is happening. Today I shall be rewarded. I remind myself , just this very moment, that I create my own reality. And this reality that I am anticipating is a wonderful one. I can see it, taste it, feel it. Can you?

Vibrating with excitement, I feel the energy surrounding me, positive, enchanting. Uplifting. How else can I explain it? To paint a picture of something unseen, yet so tangibly felt? That childlike feeling of Christmas eve, knowing Santa is on his way.

Annie feels it too. She is alert, seeking as well. She probably knows better than I what joys are coming.

For the first in a long time, I feel gratitude.

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