Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Red Stag

He enchanted us with his magnificence, the beauty of his movement. Majestic, regal. We held our breath, silent, awestruck as he passed within feet of our shelter. Ears perked, he turned, looked directly at us, steam blowing from his nostrils.

I felt you stir, nearly imperceptively. Sensed your fingers tensing on the rifle, your heart beat quicken, felt the heat from the slow breath you exhaled, tickling the short hairs behind my ear. Something stirred inside me. I dared to look up, to peek at your face, full of eager concentration. You looked down at me, eyes softening, a small smile slowly crept across your lips. A thought passed between us, unspoken, yet fully understood by both. You reached for me, weapon forgotten, pulling me close, the warmth of your breath mingled with mine, tender embrace coupled with soft kisses come harder. The world washes away as we know only each other, alone together in our forest paradise, dusk becoming night, starshine sparkling in our eyes.

As we rejoice in the closeness of us, the red stag shakes his head slowly in gratitude, and ambles off into the trees.

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