Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cant Get Enough

Stream of consciousness, a second post directly after the first today. Don't know why, exactly. Like I said, I am nervous, vibrating with energy. Anticipation. Zowie. Am I going to win the lottery?

The air is cool beneath the canopy as the early evening sunlight dapples the ground through the cover of the leaves on the trees. Birdsong. Rustling. The small animals scurrying along the forest floor as we walk the path, traveled so many times before. I feel my companions by my side, even as I cannot see them. Faith. Believe. He appears from the shadows, as if by magic. Powerful, regal. Strong. Grey green eyes, piercing, yet soft, warm, welcoming. Imploring. His heart sings out, connects with mine. Seeking understanding. Acceptance. Love. He steps out of the trees, slowly, nervously, testing. Approaches me. I hold out my hand, accepting, welcoming. Although I , too, am fearful, I relax. My heart assuring me. "You are safe", I whisper. "You are safe here with me. I will never hurt you." His eyes tell me he is afraid, yet he wants to be with me, to protect me. He senses the goodness within me, as I sense the same in him. He starts, ready to bolt. Then catches himself. Fear abating for the moment. I reach out, run my fingers tenderly through his soft, short grey hair, tickling his ears. He sighs, tender touch long since forgotten, until now.

As the sun makes its way to the horizon, we turn as one and walk silently together. The leaves, fallen, covering the forest floor, crunch beneath our feet as we stroll. We stop at the buckeye tree, searching for the spiny pods . There! We begin to find them, breaking them open to reveal the silky smooth nuts within. I fill my pockets with our treasures. He steps to me, leans against me lightly, the touch of his shoulder against me fills me with serene delight. We have come to trust one another. Fear cast aside, we remember. We realize that we have found each other again. Souls speak, a language long forgotten since beginning this physical adventure of life. Our paths have led us back to each other. Rejoicing in the moment of reconnection, our hearts entwine. We. His warm breath tickles my ear as I wrap my arms around his broad neck and nuzzle his cheek. "Stay this time, don't run, don't be afraid, " I sigh into his ear, " you deserve peace, love, happiness, security. No one will ever harm you here. We will protect one another." Though he has no words, a silent answer flickers in his eyes, my heart hears and understands. The silver cord that has joined our spirits through eternity grows bright and strong. It is our turn. It is our time. We accept, we agree.  Together, we make our way to the clearing, to the path that leads home.

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