Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Remains, Dont Stop Believing, And Destiny

Should have posted this a few days ago, but just getting around to it. Really, just another memory journal for me. Went to see The Remains at Memories Supper Club on Saturday and it was great fun. Anyone who reads this blog knows the importance of The Remains in my life, as their concerts seem to mark really memorable events for me. So we listened. And we danced. And on the break, I asked Pete if they were going to play Don't Stop Believing. He said they would for me. So after a bit, he called out to the crowd, " Is Cindy still here? "  So I raised my hands and woo-hoo'd and they played my song. And we got up and danced again, and I danced my heart out. It felt like they were playing just for me, and I looked right into Pete's eyes and sang along with him, and I knew that he understood that this was a special song for me. So even more memories were formed that night. I feel an almost sadness thinking about Blue Ash and The Remains and the past two years. So much happiness came from those nights, yet some pain too. How things change. But, really, lots of great memories and lessons learned. And potential futures, too. Be patient. Allow and welcome.

Love You Guys!

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