Saturday, September 20, 2014

Come On Get Higher

That's not exactly the perfect title for this post, but the one that came to me. The perfect one has no words. I have no words. The shift is upon me. I feel it. I feel you. I am ready. I am willing to relax and allow. Let's do this. I feel new energy coming. Time to let go of the old, to be sent out and recycled, renewed. Blessings to all.

Right now, things are still wonky. Still uncomfortable. Still stressed. But not for long. I feel the good, positive energy headed my way. Peace. Finally. I have felt you close for days now, a sure sign that I am once again on the right path. For where you are, I know I'm home. The energy of the people around me, those I am closest to, is increasingly positive. It is time for peace and love and beauty. Inspiration strikes again. ( words want to be spoken here, but are reluctant, elusive. I want to mention you and the inspiration you gave me and how now it is back, that feeling, that energy. But the words are telling me that we are not ready to share them just yet. Perhaps... perhaps? )

This post is cryptic. Probably makes no sense to anyone outside looking in. Will it even make sense to me in a year? But I am realizing that I am learning. I am growing and changing these last couple of weeks. Looking back at the posts, I see that. See the fear and confusion lifting. And that is what this is all about. Being raw. Sharing my deepest feelings, in hopes that not only I heal, but that others find healing and inspiration in my words and experiences. This is one of those days where I would love to spend the entire day in quiet contemplation and reflection. But it is a busy day today and I have much to do. Much living to do today. Weekdays are good for contemplative thinking, when everyone is working and the world is quiet. Today is a day for doing.

Hmmm. Elusive words again. They want to be coy. All right then. This is going to be one of those personal posts. Just for me. Remember Cin. Remember the feeling. The light, uplifting feeling of anticipation. The new energy is coming. It is going to be awesome. Open your heart and allow it in. I feel a story coming. A love story. Epic. Beautiful. My book, my life. Come on.

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