Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Better And Better

Don't stop believing. Again and again that theme comes up in my life. As I sit here and type this, listening to Journey play. And I am transported back to that wonderful night last month at Blue Ash, the Remains concert, the lovely company, the absolute joy that I felt, if only for that one day. As in that previous post, if only I could turn back time and relive that day. All day, over and over again.  Blue Ash and the Remains have been such an important part of my memories for the last two years now. Next year will be the winner. The best. The one where the dream will finally come true.

How I want to be an inspiration for others. To show that we can come through this fire, purified and stronger than ever. To teach by example that life gets so much better as we go along. And yet, through my trials and tribulations, it seems as if I keep falling down, time after time. What kind of example is that? But you know what? I am learning. I am growing. Each and every experience I have becomes part of who I am and who I am to become. This song gives me much to look to. My soul sings and dances to it. It remembers last year, and last month and all the fun and joy and reveling in new love. If we look at the rough times as lessons, building blocks along our path, we will grow and be even more powerful than before.

I revisited the first post in this blog today. It reminded me that this is the story of my journey. And I am the creator of that story. It is now time yet again to create the perfect, happy story for my life. From "once upon a time..." to "happily ever after." Each lesson strengthens me, and each day will bring more joy and love from now on. From now on I will experience only goodness, joy, happiness, prosperity and love. From now on, life just keeps getting better and better.

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