Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Wow Kind Of Day

Just got back from walking the entire place, nearly 4 hours worth. In my Hellboy T shirt and boots. Still a little chilly, but not so much that I was cold in short sleeves. I checked fence, put up some fence and just spent most of the day relishing in the beauty that surrounds me. And yes, Chip was there. I felt him as I tugged on the barb wire fence with my bare hands ( I almost always carry gloves)
and when I checked out the new baby. He walked beside me when I got to the old wagon trail and walked along the cliff overlooking the big creek. I felt his love. I felt his devotion. He was experiencing this beautiful place with me - we were sharing a wonderful moment together.

When I am feeling happy, I believe that he is happy too. He doesn't like for me to be sad.I don't think that he ever feels sad anymore, because he is all Light and Love, but I know he is concerned for me. And I am working through this thing the best I can. There are good day and there are not so good days.  When I am happiest, I notice him more for the most part. I think it may be because my vibration is higher and more pure when I feel positive , when I feel empowered and awake and alive. This probably increases the connection we have to one another, and he does not have to lower his vibration so much to more closely match mine.

 Our consciousness is pure energy, and energy travels on waves, so we can allow our consciousness to flow on these waves and connect to anyone we wish.It's hard to wrap my mind around, but I just believe and allow. Who knows how this stuff works, really? It's all about faith. This is key. I get these little flashes of insight and feel like I am slowly putting together the puzzle pieces. Do you think that perhaps I will be able to train myself ( or open to the Universe's gifts ) to be able to make contact? To connect and experience? Ahhhh... much to think about. I long to discuss this all with others.

Oh, and I found the mouse! Little bastard went and died under the refrigerator, on the coils. No wonder it smelled so bad in there! I am sorry that he had to give his life, but he was the one that got on my turf and pooped all over my forks and spoons. So I pulled out the stove and fridge and cleaned under and around. My kitchen is sparkling again. Maybe I will get my appetite back now.

And as for those sesame seeds - I know what happened there. No idea how, but buddy you sure are clever. You are making me work for those signs. Wink Wink.

Here are a couple of pictures that I took today during my very uplifting walk.

  New boy!

Zoe and her girl

Joe who is about 2 years old now
Love to everyone!

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