Thursday, March 7, 2013


Today at work I got this incredible epiphany. I picked up a decree and when I began to review it I got these awful sensations, like the document was giving off pure anger. I realized that the people that turned in the paperwork, were the same ones who had been insanely nasty and hateful to us and each other a few days earlier. I believe that I was picking up the emotions of these people. And this explains so much, how I can be working along and feel great and then review a document and start to feel anxious, angry, depressed, etc. for seemingly no reason at all. My God, it all makes sense now.  This has happened to me all along since I have been working at my job, but I have noticed it more so in the last several months and was chalking it up to all the stress and such that I have been going through myself. Could it possibly be that I am becoming more sensitive and aware? Am I increasing my senses? How, then, can I protect myself from this? To my knowledge I do not have psychometry
or anything like that. But I sure would like to find a way to buffer myself from picking up these random feelings that are not my own.

A few things I have done for myself :  Used bookstore - got "The Shift" and "The Celestine Prophecy" and also "Never Letting Go" by Mark Anthony. The latter is very helpful to me right now.
Also Brad recommended the Seth books and I ( actually ) purchased one of them and am reading it now. Love this stuff. Just wish there was someone I could discuss it with. Like a paranormal book club. So many books.

Mostly this week I have been trying to be good to myself. It was a rough week last week and I feel a little bruised. You know, this is an incredible adventure, this spiritual journey I am on. I wish Chip were here physically by my side, I sure could use a big ol' bear hug. But he is by my side, and I am growing and learning right alongside him. I got a bit of a scare Tuesday night when someone said something that was really hard to hear. But then Brad was right there to talk me down. Thank you, Sir!!

Well, I thought I had more to say, but it doesn't seem to be coming so I guess it will be reserved for another post. Just need to say how grateful I am to the Inner Guide Empowerment community, for their support and how wonderful it is to connect with so many fantastic people. I hope they know how much they mean to me.

And now I am off to read.

Love and Light to all.

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