Saturday, March 16, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different

What to do, what to do? The other day an attorney stopped me in the hall and asked if I knew anyone looking for a job as a legal assistant. I didn't have the ability to ask him details at that time , but he said to call his assistant and get the scoop. When she called later to set a hearing, I asked her what was going on and she said that Brad mentioned that I would be calling. She stated that she thinks I would really fit in at the office and wanted to set up an interview with me. Ok, so here's the hard part. Do I do it? I have a little fear about the unknown. Don't want to jump from the gates of hell right into the flames, you know. But maybe, maybe this is the thing I have been looking for. And an interview does not mean that I will get offered the job. Here's the thing, earlier this week I sent out to the Universe a request to help me find a new job, because the one I have is sucking the life from me. And a couple of days later, here comes Brad. First, it is exciting to think that I can go do something new and learn new things. Second, I am needing a change. There are several things that need to fall into place in order for me to be willing to go if I were to be offered the position. The salary being the major factor. It is a little further, but mostly expressway driving, rather than all the back country roads I currently travel. That can be better or worse depending on how you look at it. I can't bear to leave Beth behind. But she is following her own path as well. And she and I can remain friends, I am sure. So, should I interview? Am I good enough? Can I do this? Is the fear I have based on my intuition saying this is not the path for me, or is it just my ego stating a trepidation of the unknown, change, needing to push myself to new things? Will I be disappointed if I don't get offered the position?  Wish I knew. Guess I will pray on it and see what comes up. The Universe will place things in my path to guide me, it's up to me to follow.

Been dancing around the house most of the morning, cleaning. The sun wants to come out, and it is kind of getting warmer. The guy we bought the ATV off of just came to the door asking if he can go through the woods looking for deer antlers. So I just gave him a quick tour of the area that I have not already looked, warned him about the bull, and sent him off to search. Hope he finds some good ones, 'cause I sure haven't come across any. Thinking of the work that needs done in the yard, but it is much too wet and muddy to even think about it. I prefer to stay inside with a cup of tea and my Seth books and read a bit. Ah, Kurt just came back with not just an antler, but the entire skull. Good for him. Sad that the poor buck lost his life. Kurt said it was probably there about 3 years. Well, the deer know they have a safe haven here on the place. No hunting allowed. So now time for some lunch and a little reading. I have roughly 1800 pages of Seth material to digest.

Sending loving thoughts to everyone who comes across this.

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