Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Overwhelmed in a Good Way

Wow, first, I am taking a sick day today. I really needed it and am already feeling much better. While contemplating a post for today, I happened to visit one of my old blogs. So good golly, here I sit, laughing and crying at all the memories I have rediscovered on those pages. It's like uncovering a box full of old pictures. Things I had almost forgotten, things that make my heart sing. I see that even five years ago I had the same feelings. I also see how talented I am, and how I have grown in those years.

Here is something I wrote a long time ago in a post on that old blog. It fits here:

God, please help me to find my way and do that which I was put here to do. Let my relationships with those I love become even stronger and more fulfilling than ever before. Allow me to grow wiser and kinder, happier and more joyous. Help me find the drive to go, do, and be all the wonderful things I dream of ( and those I have not yet imagined ) and to help make a positive difference in the lives of others. Let patience and wisdom guide me in difficult times, knowing that the good times are just ahead. Let me be special and loved by others. Let me matter. Let me give of myself gladly, and get back what I need in return. Help me to let my dearest and truest friends know their value. Bless us and watch over us all. Amen.

Yeah, it is hard to be vulnerable. I am beginning to allow. So now I have unearthed this treasure chest of old memories and I believe that going back there and reviewing those memories are going to be very beneficial to my growth and my joy and happiness. I realize that this is more for me than for anyone else, this is a gift to myself. I hope that through my journey I may be of some inspiration to others, but I have just done something wonderful for myself in revisiting my past.

BE AWEsome

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