Friday, March 29, 2013

Taking Time

Today I took some time to be good to myself. Wasn't feeling too well, so I figured that was a good excuse to burn up some of those sick hours that I won't get paid for when I leave the courthouse. When I got home I went to check on the cows and horses since they were right in the back yard :

Do you see how the grass is starting to green up? Joe the bull is looking at me like "bitch, better run".
So I said " screw you, Joe". Then I walked away, Slloooooowwwllllyyy. Shows him!

And Buck is having a grand time. He got his cotton candy and then decided to kick up his heels a little.

Then off to a shower and rest. It's nice to be good to yourself.

Have some homework to do. Could really use a friend. You know, just someone calling just to chat. A lot of people are coming up to me and telling me that they will help me - if I need anything just ask. This is so nice. It is hard for me to ask for help though. But the place looks so forlorn right now. Sill no leaves on the trees and the grass needs some serious sunshine. And the yard needs cleaned up from all those serious storms that came through and put down so many limbs. Once it gets dry enough I will put the bucket on the tractor and bring it up to the house and start some clean up. We are right at that tipping point - the one where all of the sudden the cows just stop eating hay and go right to grazing. Happens every year. And then time to cut the grass in the yard. That is a chore that I really enjoy. And if it is nice tomorrow, I will open all the windows and turn the fan on and air out the winter funk from the house - Spring cleaning!!

I intended to blog a little about my feelings , I have been missing Chip the last couple of days. I guess last week was so exciting, and now that things are calmer I am feeling the let down. Oh, I am still so unbelievably excited about my new job and everything, don't get me wrong. And the radio show on Tuesday - I got to share all of my happy news with everyone. It is such a blessing to connect with such wonderful people.

Well, my intentions were good, but the couch is calling. There's always tomorrow.

Peace Out.

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