Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, Love! 21 years today. God. Nearly half my life. And oh, how I wish, well, you know. Remember that first date? You brought me here, to the farm and introduced me to all the cows and the horses. You showed me Red, and the calf she was carrying." See, there's the eye!" 
Then dinner. Then back to my house where we watched Man From Snowy River I and II and Sylvester. It was nearly 2 when you left. And we have been inseparable ever since. Well, love never dies. In you I found soul mate, love,best friend,  protector, audience, cheer squad, therapist, life coach, confidant - you name it. There was absolutely nothing we couldn't ( or didn't ) do.
So many adventures. I am enjoying looking back to my old blogs and revisiting some of the memories within. Very rewarding. This is not the venue to share all of my personal thoughts and memories, some will remain just that, personal. I can feel you breathing a sigh of relief! But there are so many precious, beautiful, fun, exciting things that I need to put down here, to revisit and savor.

Remember all the rodeos? Sitting in the barn, in the dark with flashlights, in 20 degree sleet storm, waiting for a cow to calve? Pulling calves, sitting up with sick animals, all the lives we watched come into this world, and those we were with when they moved on to the next step of their journey. The ones that we saved when the vet gave up? Now that was something. We were unstoppable. Remember when the vet stated that that one cow would never get up, and we managed to get her to her feet, just the two of us. Somehow found the strength to lift an 800 pound cow. And of course the cow with the calf we had to pull out piece by piece.  And me doing the plunge into that pool of liquid manure? And breaking Peaches? What a magnificent beast. How many miles of fence did we put up and walk and clear? And you on your loader, clearing the woods. You were in sheer bliss there, my friend. Better than sex. Well, maybe not.

Remember when T.J got a wild hair and started chasing us? We were in the open in the middle of the pasture. And no matter how sweet he was, you still run like hell when a 2000 pound bull is chasing you. Bear got in his way and he was playing with him and TJ rolled Bear, and Whitey got in there, all 10 pounds of her and bit TJ on the nose to get him to back off. And we ran. And we went to go over the fence and it was hot and you shocked yourself good. And we laughed so hard. And how we had that special relationship with TJ, and I could go out there and sit on him like a horse and he would just stand there?

And those are just a few.

Well, I feel you here right now, very strongly. I know you know how I feel. I am working hard on this. We will add more memories. We are on a great adventure, you and I and I am open and excited for it.

Now in your honor, I am going to go have some Makers Mark and watch Sylvester. Be with me. Love me. We are one.

May the light of God's love be with us all.

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