Saturday, March 23, 2013


Felt pushed to add this to the previous post in regards to the farm in Indiana:

I remember how much work it was to cut hay out there - loading up the equipment and then cutting, raking, teddering and baling all day. 90 degree weather. No shelter. No bathrooms. ( ! )  Several days, long days - sun up to sunset and beyond ( again, no bathrooms or running water )  long, hot, dusty days. Then loading the hay and taking it all home - trip after trip. And how much fun it was to be doing all that work with the man I love. And after, a long shower and then sitting on the patio in the moonlight enjoying a cold beer. And , oh my god, the electric blue slush puppies , brain freezes ! All these memories and feelings just started to well up in me.

Be excellent to one another!

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