Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another One Of Those Magical Nights

This connected feeling continues still. More so than it has in a long time. I am very cognizant of the fact that I am controlling the results by my attitude and emotions. When I am grounded, things flow smoothly. When I am stressed, and desperate, things do not flow. Should be pretty easy to decide which results are best.  I am sure that the moon has a lot to do with both the angst I had been feeling, and the drive to overcome it and the resultant sense of peace and contentment. Since talking with Gloria on the show Tuesday night, I have felt inspired and energized.

Dave called me this evening and gave me a much needed pep talk. Bonnie invited me over for dinner and birthday cake to celebrate Gregory's birthday. I have made a new friend. A couple new friends actually. Got to encourage Peggy again today, let her get some things off her chest. I feel as if I am serving when I can give someone a reason to smile. And of course last night had dinner with my Beth.

The more relaxed and happy I am, the more inspired I become. The latest madness I am considering is perhaps a Donato's franchise.  Yeah, let's just add another big ol bunch of work and stress to my plate. But I could do it. Or something like it. That other thing that I was told of the other day, White Tiger? The Universe knows what it wants from me. I will trust and allow and see what comes.

And that book is asking for some attention as well. Knock knock knock. It is asking to be acknowledged. I am ready. Let the words flow. Let divine guidance lead me in the right direction.

Most important of all is I feel so connected again. I really do not want to lose this feeling. My life purpose is right there, my path waiting to be recognized and acted upon. Chip is leading the way. I have some good friends who are walking alongside. The possibilities are endless. But all roads lead to bliss.

Let's Do This!

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