Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The wood is calm, peaceful, the only sound that of birdsong and the occasional rustling of the little animals on the forest floor.

He steps out from beyond a thicket of blackberry bushes, cautiously, yet unafraid.

Though he has no words, his eyes speak loudly and his ears reflect the  emphasis. Nostrils wide, he approaches slowly, the rumble of his breath startling a robin, perched above his head. He tosses his head to the right, flicking the forelock from his eyes. They shine brightly.

Muscles ripple beneath taught skin as he lengthens his stride, closing the gap between us quickly. I smell him, that intoxicating scent of sweat and dust and grass and horse.

He stops, stands before me in all his glory, magnificent creature. Even taller and more powerful than I could have imagined. I offer my hand, palm up. An apple materializes instantly, and he reaches out and plucks it up with velvet lips. A quick nuzzle of appreciation from him and I begin to run my hands across his thick neck. My fingers tangle in his mane and I find myself lifting, then seated on his wide back. I fit perfectly. Realizing there are no reins with which to guide him, I send thought forms to him, to move forward. He steps gingerly, ensuring my seat is firm, then we trot off, into the clearing. He clearly knows where he is going, and I settle in and allow him to lead the way. We soon come to a beautiful clover field, a wide, crystal clear creek running along the South side. He drops his head and has a long drink while I readjust my seat and stretch my legs. I realize that I have been holding on tightly and suddenly understand that it is not necessary. The horse and I have become one.

We splash through the creek, the water droplets shimmering and sparkling in the sunlight, creating thousands of tiny crystal rainbows, dancing all around us. He starts, ears pricked forward, identifying another horse and rider coming our way. My heart leaps, and even before I see him with my eyes, my soul recognizes this new rider.

They begin to gallop toward us and my horse whinneys, a friendly greeting returned by the other. Dust billows behind them as they move directly toward us. Chip dismounts quickly, runs to my side, and pulls me from my mount, squeezing me, swinging me 'round in sheer joy. We cannot stop laughing as we tumble to the ground, locked in a loving embrace. Our lips meet in a passionate kiss, and the illusion of time stands still.

The horses graze quietly as Chip and I catch up. All thoughts, all feelings, all intentions shared with one another in an instant. We have never been apart, but have always been. The power lies within us. We ARE. Space and time cannot separate us. We are one. And now my beloved and I understand.

The sun is beginning to drop in the horizon, but there is no sense of urgency. We gaze into each other's eyes and the memories of a thousand lifetimes shared pass between us. We have found one another again. And yet again our souls dance, the dance of everlasting, eternal love.

As the moon rises, high and full, casting a bright path before us, we mount and begin the journey home, hand in hand, side by side.

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