Saturday, August 24, 2013

Many Thanks

Thank you David for being such a good friend. You came out today in the unbearable heat and helped me get some things done that I could not have done without your help. And you discovered the flat on the tractor. Are you kidding me! Well, now both tires will be fixed and hopefully stay up from now on. Thank you for the encouragement. This is really hard. Going through all of this scrap and old tools and equipment. Now I can start tossing stuff on the trailer, get the old shed cleaned out and ready for demolition. I feel Chip looking over my shoulder right now. He is letting me know that it is ok. He knows how hard this is for me, and why.

So thank you, my friend. You are a good man. I needed that push, that motivation to move. This is a lot harder than I could have imagined. It explains my previous urge to just cut and run. The coward's way out.  I AM strong. I AM capable. I AM Cindy, and I AM freaking awesome!

All in good time. All things I desire will appear.

My friend, you will never know how I love you.  I am so grateful to call you friend.

Many thanks.

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