Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Dream

A sharp rap on the headboard awakens me with a start. I take a deep breath and make myself still. The air pressure changes slightly and I feel that familiar buzz in my ear, the one I have been longing for these many weeks, the one I feared lost. You are here. There is a sensation of energy, swirling, undulating, coming in close, enveloping me. A warm, loving hug. A feeling of ultimate  peace washes over me and my body relaxes. You whisper in my ear, and I realize that I am not hearing sound in the physical sense, but rather picking up on the energy, thought vibrations that you are sending me. Don't listen with your ears, Cin, listen with your heart. I have so missed you. Was it because I was so pre-occupied with other concerns? Work, and stress and questions unanswered? Were you here the whole time, and I just could not sense you because my heart was closed in fear? Will you stay now? Reassure me. There are things that I have remembered, never knowing they were forgotten. This path has been rough, uneven, rocky. I stepped off course. This was a learning experience, but probably needn't have been at all. I allowed the fear, the confusion, the angst. None of it was necessary. I did not take your advice, did not " go with the flow" did not " Don't make life harder than what it is". Not on purpose, but just because I was so wrapped up in worry. Now, with you here by my side, I can listen, truly listen, and know. For you are wise. Do you forgive me? Will you continue to guide and protect and love me on this journey? The only way I want to do this is with you by my side. We can do this. We can work together to create peace and love and healing. You reach out and touch my arm. I feel it. Almost, almost I can smell you. That wonderful scent, uniquely you. My heart leaps, overflowing with so many emotions, overjoyed at our connection, for when I feel you close, all is well in my world. In our world. As in the physical, and now from both sides of the veil, together we can do anything.This is not a dream. I am awakening.  You will walk with me, this I know. We shall experience this adventure together. Loyally, faithfully, eternally.

Always, my love.

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