Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just Because - That's Why!

Another post tonight because now I feel a teeny more energized than earlier. Something came to me while having a conversation with a friend and I think it is part of my issue. I need to center and ground and put up my shields. I was really feeling the heavy vibrations around me while on the phone. I know that I am stressed and depressed and even physically ill right now and it is all just coming to a head, but that extra heavy feeling just made me realize that someone else may be sending negative vibes my way. If that is the case - back atcha 10 times over. Nah, actually I just need to ground and put up my shields and send love and light to whomever is doing that. Actually, love and light to all.

Time to be positive. Time to dance. As a matter of fact, I am going to go outside right now and have a turn around the back pasture.

I Am Cindy and I Am Freaking Awesome!!

Sending everyone love and light and happy peaceful thoughts.

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