Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Of Those Amazing Nights

Tonight is one of those beautiful nights. Perfect temperature, perfect blue skies, perfect white fluffy clouds. The sun is reflecting off the Sycamore tree, making it glow. White Tiger gave me some insight, and I feel at peace and calm. I got a strong hit of intuition last night. And I had another epiphany, and it makes me feel peaceful and grounded. I am also going to talk to my dear friend Cheryl tonight. Life is good. And I feel spirit all around tonight and that makes me relaxed and happy as well.

Nothing much else to report tonight. Just want to journalize the feelings that I am experiencing. Annie and I walked the clover field and took a good long time, just meandering and putzing around. Yeah, just want to remember this.  This is a good feeling.

Hope you are all feeling this wonderful!


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