Saturday, August 24, 2013

Post Two, Reflections On A Week Gone By

Last Friday night, fantastic concert, good friends, White Tiger messaged me, met some new friends, felt loved and needed. Saturday, flirt with new friends, campfire and s'mores and margaritas ( really don't go well with marshmallows) with Bonnie. Sunday, more of the same and helping Gregory set up a profile on the dating site. Work week, busy. Ella and Reagan there to play with. Friday, super busy at work. Hopping. Success. Satisfaction. Last night, Friday night. Boring! Where the heck did everyone go? And now we are back to today. And so far David has come over to help me and get me motivated. We pulled the trailer up to the house and now I can go out and start loading it up with junk. Oh, but it is really hot out there and maybe its just better to rest up for tomorrow. Clean the house. Read. Meditate.

The other thing about the week past is that I have felt really connected. If you read this blog you have noticed that I have not posted as often as usual. That's because I have been doing so many other things and been concentrating on connecting rather than writing. Really, I am just following the guidance I have been receiving. This weekend is shaping up to be one of those "go inside yourself and reflect" kind of weekends. I just got a nudge to take out my metal detector and have some fun. Maybe that means there is some treasure to uncover.

I believe that I have learned a lot about myself in the past week. The concepts are there, but I can't seem to put them into words. It feels like I am straddling a fence, one leg on each side and I can go either way. I really want to express my feelings here, but maybe they are too personal to share right now. Maybe best saved for my private journal and perhaps that one special friend ( ok two special friends ) that way I can get a male and female perspective. But recently I have discovered that I am learning to follow my heart and have been receiving guidance as to how to proceed. At this moment, it is fairly quiet and gentle. I take that to mean that I am doing ok. I believe that if something important needs to happen, my guides will get my attention, and help me find the right direction. The important thing is just to settle in and enjoy the ride. Not be attached to any certain outcomes. And that is what I had been guilty of previously. And now that I have released my attachments, I feel so much more at peace and things seem to be flowing more smoothly. OK, I have finally admitted to myself that my mystery Civil War cowboy (  General McHottie ) is not likely to ever cross my path again. But the fantasy was fun. And more importantly, what ever would I do with him if I got him?
So, yes, things are flowing well for me now. Letting go and allowing are hard things to do, but once you do that, things start to come to you. Remember this, Cin. Listen to the guidance. Universe, I AM ready to receive all the gifts you have in store for me. I trust You.

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