Monday, August 12, 2013

The Path

Had a lot to think about tonight. And really, I think that I think too much. Get it? Sometimes you just have to relax and allow life to come to you. And I have been trying way too hard to chase it. Someone reminded me today that things have been flowing for me, that they have been moving forward. While I have felt as if life were stagnating before me, he gave me many examples of how things are moving right along. There is so much I wish to accomplish here, and I am ( as always) feeling impatient, looking for signs and feeling dissatisfied with my own progress. Silly me. After he pointed out numerous details, I realize that things are moving quite quickly. And that explains a lot of things. How many times do I have to remind myself that things will come to me at the perfect moment. I have to stop wishing. There are things that I (think I ) want, but if I just relax and allow, they will come to me. Would I rather be patient and get exactly what is right for me, or be impatient and just settle? Settling would not serve anyone. Life feels a little hard right now. And I understand that this is of my own making. I am not complaining, mind you. This is a happy post. Since you are not hearing the inflection in my voice and seeing the expression on my face, it may be difficult to ascertain that. I am just at a pivotal point in my development right now where I realize that these difficulties are lessons that must be learned and the hurdles overcome before I can evolve to the next level. And believe me, I am ready to evolve. I do not want anything holding me back, and am ready for the next step, the rewards of peace and tranquility. When I am able to realize certain key things about myself ( I will keep them to myself right now and just speak of the lessons in general terms ), and let them go, work through them , realize them for what they are, overcome them, they will cease to be roadblocks in my way and the path will open up. And that is when this journey is going to get REALLY fun.

Hope all of my dear friends will join me.

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