Friday, August 2, 2013

If There Was A Problem - Yo! - I'll Solve It!

Much better, much much better. Today, I worked the night shift. BMK was making fun of me for whining that I can't drive in the dark. The day started hectic and busy but then we got everything done and were able to relax a little. And Princess Reagan's party is tomorrow. I am so excited! Gonna get our princess' on!

When two dear friends mention that I seem to be sad and melancholy lately, I know that I need to kick myself in the butt and get back to happy. Like I mentioned last night, I realized that I was picking up on some negative energy and now that I have recognized the problem it seems to have abated. And give me a break, but I was exhausted this week, physically and emotionally.

And a dear friend also mentioned something that got me thinking and wow, what a realization I had that I am so guilty of this. We tend to act or react to people based on the perceptions we have of one another. And absolutely, now that it has been brought to my attention, yowie.  Some people I act extremely confident around, others I feel charming, or funny or sexy even. And then others I feel like a big dummy. And now it all makes sense. Will go into this more later, but for now it is getting late and the words are avoiding me.

Oh, but one more thing! Driving to court this morning I got a nudge with an idea for a book. A fictional story. Kind of excited about that and think that I will make some time to outline it and see how it fleshes out.

And this is going to be one fantastic weekend, full of excitement and happiness and love. Hear that, Universe?? 

So dear ones, rest well.

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