Saturday, August 3, 2013


Laying in bed at Bruce and Noella's house. The princess party was awesome! And since I do not drive in the dark, Noella asked me to stay over. So I am blogging from my phone. Wow,this is so not like me. Usually way too shy to socialize like this. Am I moving forward into this next phase of my life? Getting ready to give seminars and teach? I participate in the live radio show regularly,and that is becoming easier and extremely enjoyable.  Part of me feels like I am coming into my own.

Eliot was giving me advice on love and romance tonight. Said I should just go for it. Well,I explained, Chip will send me the perfect person. He will have to be very spiritual,wise,kind,and loving. Treat me like the precious jewel that I am. Be willing to walk beside Chip and me and be our partner. And of course, I would be a loving devoted partner to him too.  I told Eliot that this will have to be one very special person. He brought up my mystery cowboy and we had a good laugh at that.  So here I am ,getting love advice from my boss. All in good time. Chip will send him. There aren't too many guys out there who meet that criteria,but Chip knows what he is doing. And he will know when I am ready.

I am going to blog more about my feelings on this.  It is an important step on this journey.  This is one of the things that has been on my mind and one of those questions that I mentioned in a  previous post. I keep going back and forth on the issue because on one hand I still feel a little guilt over the idea, and on the other hand, I feel like I am being called to it. That explains a lot of my mixed feelings lately. But I seriously do feel like the next step of that spiritual maturing I was talking about is on its way. And remember, before a spiritual breakthrough, we usually experience a period of chaos and unrest. Which is exactly what I have been going through the last couple of weeks. And believe me, I m ready for the new, improved me. With or without my mystery cowboy.

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